Water treatment chemical supplier for fracking wastewater

We supply chemical products for wastewater treatment companies. See how our AquaFloc™ polymers and ZetaPAC™ coagulants transform the wastewater treatment process.

Proven more effective than other coagulant aids

Polyelectrolyte coagulant aids work at a factor of 1:10 with metal salts, resulting in efficient flocs and faster settling.

Meets & exceeds water treatment standards

Our water treatment products are produced to exacting standards for consistent and reliable quality and performance.

Cost effective & environmentally conscious

Polymer coagulant aids faciltate macroflocs which settle more easily combined with lower mixing energy, resulting in overall less energy and product usage.

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We operate in all areas of the Permian Basin, including Midland/Odessa & New Mexico


We offer free on-site water testing!

Have our team sample and evaluate your wastewater on-site. Receive valuable insights into testing solutions with our free wastewater testing.

The right polymer for every type of water treatment

Every region has unique challenges for water treatment. Our AquaFloc™ polymer products come in a wide variety of functions to help balance any sample.

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Our capable staff can answer any questions you have about water treatment chemicals and how to incorporate them into your water treatment needs.